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Manage all loads, billing and drivers in one place

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Say Goodbye to Paper BOLs and Invoices

Super Dispatch App replaces your paper Bill of Ladings and protects you against false damage claims.

Create and share electronic BOLs with pictures

The hassle is over. Say goodbye to paying to print forms, filling them out by hand, and most importantly trying to keep them organized. This app will replace your physical BOLs and Invoices and store them safely in the cloud.

1 Free app to deliver for 1000+ Brokers & Shippers

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This is how we save your business, your money and your time.

Our product is cross platform, works on any mobile device, tablet, laptop and desktop computers.
Super Dispatch App removes the hassle of buying, printing, scanning, faxing and sending paper documents. Send professional looking BOLs and Invoices with one push of a button.
Super Dispatch photo inspection tool (ePOD) will help you to avoid false damage claims and reduce overall claims by up to 40%.
Dispatch Dashboard is a powerful
online tool that will:
  • Import new orders.
  • Dispatch to Driver's App.
  • GPS Tracking.
  • Send BOLs and Invoices with 1 click.
  • Trip Planning.
  • QuickBooks Integration and more.

Dispatch Dashboard significantly reduces check calls for dispatchers and allows management to access all valuable information from anywhere.


Everything you need

Eliminate the paperwork

Super dispatch replaces paper Bill of Landings, Invoices and Trip sheets.

Get paid faster

With instant access to your delivery confirmations, you can invoice the moment your loads are delivered.

Integrate with Quickbooks

No need to manually create invoices. Super Dispatch generates them for you, and integrates with Quickbooks online and Quickbooks desktop.

Reduce damage claims

Photo inspection with damage markings reduces damage claims by 40%.

Import loads

Most of the loads can be digitally imported on to Super Dispatch, so you don't have to email or manually enter load info.

Create and share

All condition reports and invoices can be emailed, faxed and printed.

Manage billing

Keep track of deliveries and invoices all in one place.

Manage loads

Import, assign and track each load with Super Dispatch.

Dispatch tools

Easily add loads, build trips, and assign to drivers mobile apps.

Vin scanning

Adding units to a load is easy as a quick VIN scan. We'll decode the VIN and provide all the vehicle information.

It just works

No signal? No problem. Drivers can use the app offline and upload everything the next time there is a signal.

Any device

Android phones and tablets, as well as iOS/Apple iPhone and iPads are compatible with Super Dispatch app.

5000+ Carriers using Super Dispatch

Find out why Owner-Operators & Fleets of 10+ trucks keep using this product

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Additional value:

  • — security of data (each transaction insured $1 million);
  • — no false damage claims;
  • — no lost paperwork.

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Owner Operator

Ideal for sole owner operator


Mobile App

Pricing - Standart Plan
  • Create Electronic BOLs
  • VIN Scanning
  • E-Signature
  • Import From Load Boards
  • Create Invoice
  • Get Paid Faster
  • Share BOLs and Invoices
  • Take Load Photos
  • Mark Damages
  • Avoid False Damage Claims
  • Support inside the App
  • Accepted by most top Brokers
  • Save up to $4,000/year
    per truck

Owner Operator Pro

For drivers who have help with dispatch and billing
Mobile App + Dashboard
Get Started
(7 days free trial)
2+ trucks
  • Everything in
    Owner Operator
  • +
  • Instant Access to BOLs and Photos
  • Dispatch Tools
  • Import Loads
  • Send Loads to Driver App
  • Real Time Updates
  • Instant Invoices
  • Billing Tools
  • Add Logo
  • Add Contract to BOL
  • Save up to $8,200/year
    per truck

Starter Fleet

For growing fleets with 2 or more trucks
Mobile Apps + Dashboard
Get Started
(7 days free trial)
2+ trucks
  • Everything in
    Owner Operator Pro
  • +
  • GPS Tracking
  • Instant Access to BOLs and Photos
  • Trip Planning
  • Manage Drivers
  • Fleet Driver App
  • Instant Updates
  • Notify Customers
  • QB Online
  • QB Desktop
  • BOL Templates
  • Save up to $8,200/year
    per truck

Custom Fleet

For custom solutions and large fleets
Mobile Apps + Dashboard
Contact Us Custom Fleet Solutions
  • Everything in
    Starter Fleet
  • +
  • Order / GPS Tracking
  • Custom Forms
  • OEM Compliant
  • API
  • Custom Inspections
  • Premium Support
  • Save up to $8,200/year
    per truck

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