So Many Broker Apps, So Little Time [To Comply]


Charles Jones of Alpha Elite Transportation LLC talks about using Broker Apps.

Charles Jones is not wrong: it seems many large Brokers are contributing their own eBOL app to the ever-expanding pool of “Broker Apps.”

What are Broker Apps?

These electronic Bills of Lading apps perform the traditional electronic Proof of Delivery (with inspection photos and customer signatures.) While it is beneficial for a Broker to have it’s own eBOL app, the reality is that Carriers become burdened with using four or five faulty, inadequate load-processing apps in order to stay compliant.

Plus, carriers don’t own this information system. Brokers ultimately keep the inspection photos, the BOLs and the invoices. This results in Carrier load information being scattered across businesses, rather than with the Carrier himself.

We believe Carriers deserve to own their own business data.

Is Super Dispatch worried about Broker Apps?

We at Super Dispatch see this Broker App issue as a continuation of the same problem that has plagued the industry for years: fragmentation, which has lead to lack of trust and communication.

Lack of trust between brokers and carriers, between dispatchers and drivers, between shippers and brokers.

When every major broker creates their own redundant eBOL app, they perpetuate the status quo we have had for years in car hauling.

Super Dispatch does not see the rise of Broker Apps as competition in our market. Other than the fact that we provide far more than load processing for our car haulers, we are also unaffiliated with any one broker. We plan to stay that way.

When we created Super Dispatch to process electronic Bills of Lading in 2013, we dispatch BOL Super Dispatch car hauler Broker Appswere aiming to make Carriers lives easier, not harder. Now we have expanded into becoming the most popular Transportation Management System for the car hauling industry. And our mission is still to make the lives of Carriers easier.

We listen to our Carriers and implement their suggestions. We work with any broker that wants to work with us. And we aim to connect this fragmented market, not tear it apart. Some Brokers have embraced that, because when Carriers lives are easier, Brokers lives are easier.

What do our customers think about Broker Apps?

Some of our customers have had the biggest problem with apps like United Road. Through interviewing our most frustrated customers, we found that apps like VTas have buggy, unusable interfaces. Some of our customers have asked United Road to use third party apps like Super Dispatch, but to no avail.

“I’m just not working with these brokers anymore,” said Tom of Fury Transport, a 2-year-old Super Dispatch customer. “It’s just not worth it to use their app when it’s horrible. I voice my opinions to them all the time. But they just don’t care.”

This is the common thread among app complaints. Creators don’t care if their system is fault and they won’t pay Carriers who use their own systems.

“It’s just a shame that you have to use their app or they won’t pay you,” Tom said. “I guess it’s their rules, their business. But it just makes it really hard.”

Our customers have had mixed experiences with other apps, like CarsArrive.

“I think they copied your design after I told them how terrible their app was,” said Chris of Blue Moon Transportation, a customer of Super Dispatch for about a year. “Because about a year ago they totally changed their interface.”

“CarsArrive is okay,” Tom said. “They have gotten better, but I still prefer Super Dispatch.”

Some Brokers have embraced that, because when Carriers lives are easier, Brokers lives are easier.

While some Brokers are slowly improving their apps, we have also noticed some Brokers easing their restrictions on use.

Montway’s use of has apparently loosened some of their restrictions. Earlier this year our customer Alpha Elite told us that Montway would only let him use for their loads.

“But they would only let us pick up their loads [with their app,] so I was like no,” Charles of Alpha Elite said. “So I just don’t use Montway anymore.”

But more recently, another customer said would allow companies to use Super Dispatch to process their loads, albeit temporarily.

“I spoke with the Manager [at Montway,] Mike,” Tom said. “He said ‘We are transitioning into electronic BOLs. We are aware of Super Dispatch, we like it, you can use it.’ But he said in the future they’re going to move over to strictly []”

And a growing number of brokers are allowing our customers to continue using our app.

“I voiced my concerns to Ready Auto Transport with their 1Dispatch app,” Tom said. “I asked if I could use this awesome app, Super Dispatch. They got back to me and said ‘You know what, as long as it has our requirements, you can do that.’” Ready Auto spoke to us over the phone about their requirements. They said that as long as the transporter includes their required photos, they have no problem accepting Bills of Lading and invoices through Super Dispatch.


We at Super Dispatch want to change the status quo. We think the system we have created has contributed to a balance of leverage in an historically unequal marketplace. And we think that the market can only benefit from more change.

We hope to keep changing the marketplace through building relationships across the car hauling industry and creating a better environment for all players.

One of the projects we have created to connect the marketplace is what we call a “Broker Portal.” We aim to provide the Brokers with the load visibility they want with this portal, without compromising the commitment we have made to our Carrier base.

We will continue to show our commitment how we always have; through the implementation of carrier feedback, collaboration with anyone willing to work with us and the continuation of our transparent and objective stance in the marketplace.

In the meantime, stay tuned for our ‘How to use Broker Apps More Efficiently” guide coming next week.

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Why we built Super Dispatch for Car Haulers

What is Super Dispatch?

Super Dispatch is a comprehensive Transportation Management System. We designed our technology to help independent car haulers run their entire trucking businesses more efficiently. Super Dispatch allows truckers to import loads from load boards, dispatch loads to drivers, run financial reports and take the pressure off of the most confusing aspects of car hauling.

The history of Super Dispatch

Super Dispatch started as independent car haulers

Bek Abdullayev as a dispatcher in 2011.

Our product did not start out as the comprehensive Transportation Management System that it is today. Three years ago, Bek Adbullayev went from an independent dispatcher to creating Super Dispatch.

In 2015, he and a small development team released the first version of our product to a few curious carriers. That first version was a clunky application that only did Bills of Lading on mobile phones. But because of those first carriers brave enough to use a brand new technology, our system has grown into what it is today.

Where we are in 2018

Now our Transportation Management System has found its way into the hands of 6,000 amazing carriers. Our customers constantly help us change and improve our technology. We serve any company, from Owner Operators to fleets with hundreds of drivers. They haul anything from personal vehicles to RVs to exotic cars.

Every day we gain new customers and learn and change with the industry.

BOL Transportation Management SystemNow that we have established ourselves as a company, we want to share our thoughts on every aspect of the car hauling industry and it’s future. We plan to do that over a series of videos in the coming months.

But before we jump into the big topics like ELDs, broker apps and more, we wanted to create a video explaining the history behind Super Dispatch and how it became the Transportation Management System that it is today, so that you might understand our purpose and direction.

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Review of Auto Hauler Association of America Conference from Super Dispatch

Auto Hauler Association of America AHAA


In April, a few members of Super Dispatch attended the Auto Hauler Association of America Conference in sunny Atlanta, GA. AHAA is an association of car haulers that was created to fill the black hole of information that plagues the auto hauling industry. The association holds the conference a few times every year to further it’s goal to “focus on the needs of auto haulers and vehicle logistics providers of all sizes.” The event was filled with car haulers talking about efficiency, business practices, Elogs and much more.

Super Dispatch’s Head of Sales Emily, and Super Dispatch’s CEO Bek, sat down to talk about their biggest takeaways from the conference:

Bek’s biggest takeaways:

  • “A lot of the haulers have to be more competitive, especially at these new rates, to compete [in the space] of OEMS. So efficiency is ever more important.”
  • “Electronic Logging Mandate has done a number on these carriers. A lot of them are struggling with poor technology and especially with [decreased] capacity. This [will] continue to be one of the things that the carriers and technology providers have to overcome.”
  • “I think that it’s more important, especially as [car] carriers grow, to keep all their information in one place. And keep everyone notified.”
  • “One of the most exciting parts for me, was to meet our customers face-to-face. Not only to see how they use our product, but to get feedback on how we can continue to improve as their needs change.”

auto hauler elog and BOL app for car haulers

Emily’s biggest takeaways:

  • “Just seeing what these car haulers go through on a day-to-day basis. It makes me feel good about the technology that we are selling, to give these carriers more autonomy
  • “[I really want to continue to focus on] how Super Dispatch can give them back so much more time. It doesn’t matter if they are away from the office, like at a conference. They can check in on their phone or iPad, and get a really good grip on what’s going on that day.”

Did you go to the Auto Hauler Association for America Conference? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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ELD Action Plan for Car Haulers.

OOIDA is Still Fighting for ELD Delay.

Back in August 2016 we wrote a blog post that was widely circulated among car haulers: OOIDA vs. FMCSA – Is This The Biggest Legal Battle In Trucking History?
Since then Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) has been defeated at every turn in attempt to delay the FMCSA’s ELD mandate which is set for December 18,2017. It has been a long and hard fought battle where FMCSA is still having an upper hand, but OOIDA is not giving up yet.
OOIDA with the coalition of 30 other groups are pushing hard to pass the bill proposed by Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) H.R. 3282, the ELD Extension Act of 2017, that would delay the ELD mandate deadline till December 2019. Just to remind you similar attempt failed in September when congress voted against it by 246-143 vote.
Also, OOIDA actively trying to get attention of the President Trump with active tweets with the hashtags #DelayELD and #eldorme

#DelayELD tweet OOIDA

#DelayELD tweet OOIDA

Reality for Car Haulers

Whether you like it or not, as of today ELD mandate is going to happen on December 18th, 2017. This is going to effect not just the drivers, but the entire company including dispatchers, owners, billing and operations. Car hauling is very labor intensive mode of transport compared to others, especially when there are multiple pickup and delivery destinations for each trip.
“Based on our survey 71% of car haulers are still using paper logbooks. Are you part of that 71%?  
Based on our survey 71% of car haulers are still using paper logbooks. Are you part of that 71%? If your answer is yes, then you need to get serious about finding a solution for yourself. Unless you believe in a miracle that FMCSA will delay the mandate (at this point we can consider it as BIG MIRACLE), you need to quickly research about solutions, choose one, start using it and get comfortable before the deadline. There is no guarantee that your choice will be perfect and easy solution for you, so you need enough time for the entire company to get used to it. 
Many trucking experts are speculating that ELD rule would lead to rate hikes. You can google it and find many articles about it. Let’s say there will be a rate hike because of the ELD mandate and some carriers might stay off road in order to get compliant. Don’t you want to be fully operating at that time? If you start getting your solution now and be fully operational on December 18th, there is a chance you can take advantage of that period when things are shaking up.

Source: FMCSA website

Action plan:

There’s a lot of activity happening around the FMCSA’s ELD mandate right now. Because of this there’s a lot of conflicting information in the trucking world floating around which is causing a lot of confusion. Drivers and transportation providers are watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, and paying close attention to the news. The problem is that the source of this news, in many cases, is becoming unreliable.

Source: ELD facts

At Super Dispatch we’re paying close attention too. While we’re paying attention to the articles, YouTube videos, and blogs, we’re paying most attention to Congress, the Senate, and the FMCSA. Based on what we’re seeing, it’s time to develop a plan for being compliant by December 18th
At Super Dispatch our priority is to help car haulers by providing resources, tools and knowledge to grow their business. Here we have put a list of things you should do while getting ready for the ELD mandate.


  1. Check if you are exempt from the ELD mandate by going to FMCSA’s website here.
  2. Go through this “What Do I Need to Do?” section of the FMCSA’s website, which is the best source to learn about ELDs. You should bookmark that page for future references as it gets updated by the FMCSA.
  3. Read Super Dispatch’s “Ultimate Guide to ELDs” to learn the exact ins and outs of what you need and what you don’t need.
  4. Talk to other car haulers and see their ELD setup, you can just go to the nearest truck stops/auctions/terminals. Before getting yourself into long yearly contracts you really have to make sure it’s the best choice for you.
  5. Once you find the solution, check if the ELD device is registered with FMCSA. If you do not see the device and provider in the list, then you are not compliant.
We do not endorse any specific ELD solution for car haulers, but we found this website started by Indianapolis-based Tradewinds Logistics to have realistic reviews from actual users that can help you. You should definitely check it out and use the Filter and Add to Compare functionalities.

What’s coming from Super Dispatch

Currently, Super Dispatch is developing ELD solution specific for car haulers. We made the decision to begin developing an ELD solution based on the concern from car haulers that this rule was going to force many Owner Operators out of the space due to high implementation costs and more rigidity to their hours of operation,  which is putting extreme pressure on their bottom line.

While we’re not going to force this solution onto any of our existing car haulers, we feel like we can provide the users of Super Dispatch a very valuable solution by bringing everything into one product, for a very affordable price. Super Dispatch customers would take advantage of savings from no upfront costs of hardware, no shipping, no contracts, no hidden fees. We believe that our technology should be very intuitive and easy to use with minimum data entry from the user. 


ELD Car Hauler gif


We are working hard to release our solution before the mandate deadline, but there is no guarantee. We have many car haulers testing our solution on their mobile devices and if you wish to get your hands on it, please sign up HERE.

If you’re interested in Super Dispatch ELD solution sign up HERE.
If you have a comment about the ELD mandate, or a suggestion, or would like to be featured on our blog page, please tell me in comments. And please share this post with other car haulers. Thanks for your time, and keep on trucking.

— Super Vin


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Owner Operator Car Hauler – American Dream

Dailey Transport – Classic Owner Operator Car Hauler

When Dennis and Selena first met in California they were both working as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Working as a team, they learned they shared the same “American Dream” – to start and own their own owner operator car hauler business. At first, they considered driving a “big rig”, but with a need to stay local and close to family, they chose to get into auto transport instead.

Today, Dennis is the driver and handles field operations while Selena manages the billing and administrative side of the business (in addition to helping with loading and unloading). As a couple working together, they represent the classic American model of a single-truck owner operator car hauler business.

Finding New Work Is All About Great Customer Service

After only being in business for one year, co-owners Dennis and Selena having already made a strong foothold in their weekly Socal-Norcal route. They drive a lifted 2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty hauling a 2015 Texas Pride35′ flatbed gooseneck trailer with a dovetail. Even though they’re regularly hauling only two cars, they make up for it by offering off-road recovery service for hard to reach and inoperable vehicles – using a tow strap method in combination with the strength and power of their Ford truck. Once they are able to pull a vehicle to the back edge of the trailer, they use a trusty 10,000-pound winch that can do the work of eight men to finish the difficult job of loading.Owner Operator car hauler

Whether it’s brand new cars, dealer trades, auction to an auto body shop or residential deliveries – this owner operator car hauler team does it all. Selena believes the real secret of their success has been getting creative with alternative ways of finding loads and new clients. She found that creating a business profile on Yelp actually helped improve business! Plus, she makes herself available by text nearly twenty-four hours a day. Great customer service and never saying ‘no’ have been instrumental to their accelerated growth – because no one can predict which new random business contact might become the key to weeks of steady work in the future.

Looking for loads? Checkout the best Auto Transport Load Board List for Car Haulers.

Free Advice For A New Owner Operator Car Hauler

Owner operator car haulerSince completing their first year as an owner operator car hauler, Selena and Dennis are willing to share some solid advice and hard facts. First, Selena says, “finding a highly-rated insurance company willing to underwrite for a DOT number less than a year old is very challenging.” Then, finding and financing the right truck and trailer usually requires good credit and a significant deposit. Setting up a DBA, getting all the state and federal certifications and DMV licensing will require “great patience” and focused “due diligence”. And finally, growing the business and establishing a reputation requires a lot of energy and stamina to stay positive while watching every profit get reinvested back into the business.

Above all else, Selena recommends, “find a great mentor.” Talk to a transport veteran, fleet owner, broker, auction manager, insurance agent or compliance officer that can point you in the right direction before you have to find out you’re doing it all wrong – the hard way.

Read about 5 Ways Car Haulers Lose Money Everyday

Car Carrier Technology And Tools Of The Trade

Without blinking, Selena further recommends, “Don’t bother doing this job without using an online load board.” She also relies heavily on Google maps, using Adobe technologies to digitize their paperwork and managing all of their taxes with QuickBooks.

Their traveling office runs on unlimited internet for their tablet and cell phones and they have DIRECTV for entertainment while off-duty. In fact, Dennis is researching a backward facing webcam service for late night trailer surveillance.Owner operator car hauler

Super Dispatch Car Hauling Software – “The Obvious Choice”

Use Super Dispatch Car Hauler App To Mark Damages During Vehicle Inspection

Click the photo to download

To be sure, Selena tells me that the core center of their entire vehicle transport operation is Super Dispatch – giving them total management of all of their load information, bills of lading, inspections and invoices. Selena says “Super Dispatch allows the driver to take pictures, get signatures, access maps, all on the tablet” – and that let’s her “do everything else by email.”

Referring to the reporting function of the dispatch dashboard, she adds, “I had prepared myself mentally to do all of this work manually, but by using Super Dispatch, I’m able to get so much done so much faster than I ever would have dreamed!” She said (excitedly), “I absolutely love ‘internal notes’! When I talk to the broker after delivery, I have every word they said to me about when I can expect to get paid. It’s all right there in case I have to follow up later.” She adds, “to succeed in auto transport, you’ll need the best tools on the market – especially if you’re a new transportation business.” 

“Everything we have and our work ethic comes from both of our fathers Dennis “bud” Dailey and Frank “Franco” Georgianna. Also Dennis’s uncle who recently passed, Felix “Phil” Boschetti, this company is dedicated in their honor, without these men we would be nothing.” – Selena Georgianna


Connect with Dailey Transport through: 


Instagram: @daileytransport

Yelp: LINK


If you have a comment, or a suggestion, or would like to be featured on our blog page, please tell me. And please share this post with other car haulers. Thanks for your time, and keep on trucking.

— Super Jay


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[VIDEO] Car Hauler Community Talk with Super Jay

Whether you’re an Owner-Operator, Driver, Broker, Fleet Manager, Dispatcher, Accountant, or Family Member – and you BOOK OR HAUL CARS – then you are a member of the CAR HAULING COMMUNITY. And you already know this is a TOUGH INDUSTRY full of questions, answers and passionate debate. Therefore, Super Dispatch invites YOU to please join Super Jay in the open forum.

10. Car Hauler Community Talk with Super Jay: The Perfect Car Hauler Bill of Lading

9. Car Hauler Community Talk with Super Jay: News in Car Hauling Industry

 8. Car Hauler Community Talk with Super Jay: Is It Worth It To Be In The Car Hauling Industry? The Cost of Car Hauling.

7. Car Hauler Community Talk with Super Jay: Are Auto Brokers Really Making Car Haulers Broke?

6. Car Hauler Community Talk with Super Jay: Getting Into Car Hauling.

5. Car Hauler Community Talk with Super Jay: Talk about United Road Carmax, Central Dispatch and more.

  1. Is United Road Carmax a new company?
  2. I currently use Central Dispatch and I’m unable to move all my vehicles on time and it’s costing me money.
  3. Can I have items in my car at the time of shipping?
  4. I am new to the industry, eager to learn, hope I can get on the road and make it profitable (more information to come).
  5. My dad drives semi truck and I am trying to find a way for him to save on diesel (more information to come).

4. Car Hauler Community Talk with Super Jay: What is your favorite Load Board?

  1. What’s the difference between Central Dispatch and Super Dispatch.
  2. So if I have a car transferred from Virginia to NY and it’s already assigned to a transporter how long would you say it roughly takes to transport?

Listen to superspeedersRob, he says “The Auto Transport Industry Is the WORST”. Do you agree?

3. Car Hauler Community Talk with Super Jay: Is Central Dispatch Getting Rid Of Their Old Look?

  1. Is Central Dispatch getting rid of their old look?
  2. I’m a Broker that hired a top rated, licensed carrier and they damaged the shocks of a brand new F-150 Lariat. Now what do I do? Should I send the invoices from the App?

2. Car Hauler Community Talk with Super Jay: Should I send the invoices from the App?

  1. Should I mark the damages on the wire frame diagram or just take photos of it?
  2. Should I send the invoices from the App?

1. Car Hauler Community Talk with Super Jay: Is it Better to be a Broker or a Carrier?

  1. Is it Better to be a Broker or a Carrier?
  2. Can you make More Money with a 1-Pick 1-Drop Cluster Load on a 6-Car Hauler?

To submit your questions please comment below or on the YouTube videos. You can also send it to or click Support inside of your Super Dispatch app.

Use Super Dispatch Car Hauler App To Mark Damages During Vehicle Inspection

Click the photo to download

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Are Brokers really making Car Haulers broke? The truth nobody talks about

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “brokers make us broke”. If you’ve been in the transportation industry for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard car haulers complaining about how horrible brokers are and how detrimental they are to the auto transport industry. Heck you might be one of those guys.

And I get it, some brokers will offer you crap pay. That’s no secret. But the truth behind all this? Is something most of you don’t want to hear: brokers aren’t making you broke. You’re making yourself broke.

Now before you start running to the comment section to light a fire beneath my backside, let me preface with this.

I was a car hauler long before I ever knew what an auto transport broker was. I grew up in a trucking family with a dad who worked for United Van Car hauler brokerLines before I was born and hauled cars for Cadillac. So yes, I know a lot more about trucking than some might think.

At my core, I am a truck driver and will always be. Hence why I still hold a valid CDL and guard that privilege with my life.

I know what it’s like being on the road missing out on family and friends. Not only did I spend my entire 20’s doing that, but I never got to say goodbye to my dad before he passed away because I couldn’t get home in time.

So before you bash me, I ask that you just hear me out.

Brokers are known for giving crap pay but what most of you won’t see is that there are brokers out there paying good money. But with anything good? Well it never lasts. So the good loads are gone before you blink an eye.

When I was hauling cars, I literally had to refresh the screen every second. Many days I wondered if my pointer finger was going to fall off. That’s how I got the good loads.

To sum it up in one word: Hustle.

I had to hustle my butt off not only to find loads but to move them too.

If drivers are up at 7? You need to be up at 6. Because as I said, nothing good lasts and if you’re not the first?car haulers hustle

You get left with scraps.

So back to the original point I made at the beginning of this post: brokers don’t make you broke. You’re making yourself broke.

I’m personally on a mission to change the way brokers are approaching the pricing thing but that has been and will continue to be a long fight. And let’s face it. That’s not helping you now.

You want change now and I get it.

But if you want to win at this game? If you want to get paid the money I know. You know. We all know you’re worth?

Then you need to get off your butt and do the work. Remember that word hustle?

Car Hauler you’ve got to hustle in every aspect of your business.

Do what the brokers do!
Bring in your own clients!
Stop making excuses and get it done!

If you don’t know how to? Hire someone that does.

The point is, if you just put in 10 mins each day, or even 10 minutes every 3 days? You will not only win but win big.

As a car hauler, you are in the best position possible. You are the one doing the hauling. You can guarantee things most brokers can’t. Things that customers care about like prices and pickup dates.

In fact, most customers would rather deal with a car hauler directly before a broker but guess what? Car haulers aren’t getting out there.

So what does that mean for you? How can you get out there and get your own clients?

Click the photo to download

It’s simple: Take note of what brokers are doing to get noticed and do it better.

Brokers are online. You get online.

Brokers are networking. You network.

Brokers are putting themselves out there. You need to put yourself out there.

Complaining about how brokers are making you broke won’t change anything. But being smart about how your run your business?

Now that’s real change.

I mention this time and time again the importance of blogging for your auto transport business. Like in this video.

It’s how you can target a specific market.
A specific client.
A specific type of transport.

Yet none of car haulers are doing it.

It’s as simple as this:

01 | Grab a domain name. So if your company is ABC Transport, then buy the domain

02 | Install WordPress. WordPress is a free platform that allows you to customize every aspect of your website. Some love squarespace but I find WordPress gives you the most flexibility hands down.

03 | Choose a template (free or paid) or have one custom designed for your needs. You want to make your site look good. In this case, less is always more. So no fancy graphics. Just something to say “I’m legit”.

04 | Start blogging. Write about your route. So if you’re running coast to coast? Do some research and write for your coast to coast transport. Write about trips you’ve made. Write about things that people should and shouldn’t do when shipping their car. More importantly, write about the things people are searching for. Researching and planning is key here. You want to make sure you’re writing relevant topics but also staying true to who you are while speaking in plain English. Plain English as in write for people not for search engines.

05 | Stay consistent. Blogging isn’t some get rich quick scheme that you can do for 2 weeks and see results. You have got to put in some serious elbow grease. You have to do the work. But if you do the work for 3-6 months plus? You will reap the fruits of your labor.

Blogging is really that simple.

People make it a lot harder than it needs to be while others don’t even try.

The hardest part is doing the preliminary research and staying consistent. Blogging is how I was able to bring in my own clients. Clients who were excited to work with me.

And best part? It literally took a few minutes a day. Talk about 100% ROI (return on investment).

And that’s just blogging.

There’s so many other ways you can leverage your car hauler position to get your own clients. Through platforms like social media, local events and good old fashioned word of mouth to name a few.

When I work with car haulers, the number one thing I hear is I can’t write or I have no time.

Think you have no time? You have a 10 hour break. [ Use it wisely ].

Think you can’t write? Then record. [ Audio or Video pick your poison ].

There are no excuses my friend.

The thing is, I am on your side but I can only do so much.

As I said, you’re in a unique position as a car hauler. The ball is in your court but if you don’t play it right? If you don’t put in the work to get to the basket?

Then you will forever say “brokers make us broke” while the smart guys are putting in the work and seeing serious gains.

You have a choice. What you do with it? Is up to you.


ashley tucker relogeek car hauler

Ashley Tucker

Ashley Tucker helps highly driven entrepreneurs build, grow and nurture Rockstar businesses in the relocation industry. Helping you ship more cars or successfully sell to the awesome people who do. Visit her over at



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5 Ways Shank Bros. Loves Super Dispatch

Shank Bros. Auto Transport Runs On Super Dispatch: 5 Key Takeaways

Shank Bros Auto Transport Loves Super DispatchShank Bros. Auto Transport LLC is a car hauling business based in Vestal, New York, and their entire dispatch operation is managed using Super Dispatch auto hauling software. John and Tom Shank are “the brothers” and together they currently own and operate 11 trucks – consisting of seven 10-car haulers and four 3-car wedges. They stay very busy with a client-driven, weekly route that sends the 3-car wedges in separate directions, with each traveling a regular distance of 50-100 miles. The Shank Bros.’ territory spans from the Canadian border of New York, as far West as Pittsburgh, and out East into Massachusetts; with the local drivers constantly traveling back and forth from the terminal yard in Vestal. The ten-car over-the-road haulers load up and deliver as far south as Nashville and all the way into the upper North East. With profitability on the line and fleet management in the balance, the only auto hauler software they would ever rely on is Super Dispatch. Here are the “5 Reasons Why Shank Bros. Auto Transport Loves Super Dispatch.”

“The Super Dispatch designer actually worked in the car hauling business and that makes a huge difference.” – John Shank

Super Dispatch: Born Out Of Car Hauling Experience

Super Dispatch LogoShank Bros. trusts Super Dispatch vehicle management software because it was made for car haulers – by car haulers. Hard workers understand that it takes boots on the ground and real industry know-how to create a tool that truly gets the job done. Unfortunately, there will always be other technologies available to the market that simply aren’t designed properly. John Shank knows, “the Super Dispatch designer actually worked in the car hauling business and that makes a huge difference” – because it’s clearly better than any other software he’s tried before – and he makes no bones about it.

The VIN Scanner Tool Saves Time While Reducing Error

Truck drivers don’t have time to spare, and sometimes a client doesn’t have all of the information available to give to the dispatcher. So when the transporter only has limited info at the pickup location, that’s the perfect time to put the VIN scanner tool into action. “It saves a lot of time and reduces errors,” says John Shank. Being able to automatically process dozens of cars a week really adds up in time saved – all the while avoiding the inaccuracies that arise from rushed manual entry.

Super Dispatch saves time, providing peace of mind, and helps protect against false damage claims; thereby improving profitability and promoting business growth.

Drivers And Dispatchers Know “The App Is Intuitive”

Super Dispatch Mobile App with eBOLJohn is always eager to share with others how the Super Dispatch app is “very intuitive, simple enough to learn, and drivers actually like using it.” Since Shank Bros. is a full-service transport company and occasionally brokers out their own loads, they want other car hauling businesses to adopt the Super Dispatch auto transport mobile app because it reinforces the higher standard of professional consistency their customers expect and deserve.

“All The Information You Need Is Right There In The BOL”

Shank Bros. knows that “the photos and damage markings cover the carrier,” so if a delivery customer ever raises a concern, it’s all right there on the BOL. Plus, since the Super Dispatch Mobile App is connected to the Dispatch Dashboard, every BOL of every driver on the fleet can be accessed, shared and emailed directly from dispatch operations. This saves time, providing peace of mind, and helps protect against false damage claims; thereby improving profitability and promoting business growth.

Shank Bros. trusts Super Dispatch vehicle management software because it was made for car haulers – by car haulers.

Super Dispatch Brings Car Hauling Business To The Next Level

Shank Bros Super Dispatch Fleet ManagementShank Bros. began using Super Dispatch in December 2015 and John isn’t shy about saying, “Super Dispatch has helped move us to the next level.” Since the company was already actively marketing its line of services and expertise through their website (, Super Dispatch helped them follow through with their track record and the promise of ongoing excellent service. Through the seamless integration of order management and organization, the drivers of every trailer can easily exchange loads – which keeps the majority of their focus on the logistics of the road.

Talking with our customers is always rewarding, and I really appreciate the time and feedback from Shank Bros. Having dispatched for a lot of carriers, I truly appreciate the level of care and knowledge that Tom and John put into their work. If you have any questions for them, or if you’re up in New York and you need a hand, you’re always welcome to call Tom Shank at 607-747-7746 and tell him we said, “Hi.” Thanks for your time, and keep on trucking.

— Super Jay

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5 Ways Car Haulers Lose Money Everyday

Do You Know The 5 Biggest Reasons Car Hauler Businesses Lose Money Down The Drain?

Every business owner struggles with sudden out-of-pocket expenses and most of us have heard someone say, “That’s the cost of doing business.” So it should be no surprise that car haulers lose money and feel the pain of being dinged by additional costs on a regular basis. Since this problem is universal, all company owners try to identify and account for a certain margin of probable loss of revenue. Seeking solutions to minimize that loss is part of being fiscally responsible. So let’s rank in order from largest to smallest, the 5 biggest reasons most car haulers lose money.

…when a $700 vehicle suddenly becomes a zero, that’s a huge problem for everyone.

1) Bad Loads

Cited as the number one biggest reason car haulers lose money, bad loads include surprise INOPs that cannot be loaded, cars that are not ready for pick up, loads that suddenly cancel, vehicles that will not fit on the trailer, and cars that were already transported a week ago! Whatever the reason, when a $700 vehicle suddenly becomes a zero, that’s a huge problem for everyone. When a car hauler load board spits out a giant lemon, it’s a major loss, it’s immediate, and it usually has a snowball effect. It creates incredible amounts of stress within the company and can further pollute a once profitable relationship from moving forward. It’s a major problem, and in many cases, the primary ingredient is most likely due to the second biggest problem.

Car Hauler BOL App

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2) Miscommunication

Between the customer, the pickup contact, the broker, the dispatcher, the driver and the owner, there are plenty of opportunities for somebody to drop the ball. Owners and drivers blame the brokers, brokers blame dispatchers, and dispatchers get completely frustrated because nobody answered the phone or took the time to call them back. Here’s the deal: when a driver is ready to pick up a car, that car needs to be there and ready for pick up, and the location needs to be expecting the driver. There are a hundred ways for this situation to go sideways and everyone plays a part in making it work out smoothly. The good news is – dispatch software can help! The scanner on a dispatch app does not record the wrong VIN and a GPS can help accurately ping a driver’s location. The internet can provide exact vehicle dimensions, the distance between cities, and quickly and efficiently import and move data. By implementing a transportation management system (TMS), miscommunications can be minimized thereby reducing the impact and frequency of an otherwise chronic problem.

Scratched Vehicle Damage

Owners and drivers blame the brokers, brokers blame dispatchers, and dispatchers get completely frustrated because nobody answered the phone or took the time to call them back.

3) Damage Claims

Unfortunately, it only takes one accidental scratch from a loose chain or a driver overlooking a dent during an inspection to cause the potential revenue of a load to be reduced to pennies on the dollar. Damage claims can be costly, time-consuming, and damage the reputation of your business. Creating the perfect BOL might sound unrealistic, but if you are experiencing regular damage claims, it’s time to do things differently. Life isn’t perfect, to err is human, but creating the perfect BOL is your best chance at reducing damage claims; and that’s a big reason why we’ve created the car shipping app that helps people just like you. (CLICK HERE to learn more)

4) Equipment Failure

Car Haulers Lose Money to Equipment FailureAll physical equipment suffers from decay, stress and strain; it’s part of life. Most owners and drivers know the limitations of their truck and trailer. When a sensor repeatedly malfunctions, ramps bend, engines use up fluids too quickly, or tires frequently blowout, that could be the symptom of an abnormal issue. Avoiding a bad load can help minimize excessive wear and tear, which includes reducing off-route mileage and driving in punishing terrain.

5) The DOT

Owners worry about excessive government regulations in any industry. But when a driver hits the scales or a DOT officer conducts their inspection, there’s always a good chance a violation will result in a fine. Although this additional expense ranked the lowest on the list, it is the carriers that work the hardest to follow all the rules and protocols that stay off the regulatory radar. Consulting with a knowledgable compliance advisor can also be an excellent investment.

That wraps up the 5 Ways Car Haulers Lose Money Down The Drain. But if you think I missed a big one, if I have them out of order, if you just want to comment, or you’ve got something to say about a car delivery app, I invite you to speak your mind. Thank you for your time, and keep on trucking.

— Super Jay

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Condition Report Epic Fail Causes Auto Transport Nightmare!

What a mess! Have you read the story about David Chu’s ‘auto transport nightmare?’ He hired an auto broker, that hired a transporter, and when that transporter broke down during the trip, the broker hired another transporter to pick up and deliver David’s two vehicles. Upon final delivery, David discovered new damage on both of his vehicles and reported it to his insurance company.

David had to pay out of pocket for the repairs, and when he went to collect the money for reimbursement, nobody would take full responsibility. In addition, there appeared to be no proper condition report to prove when the damage occurred or even who caused it. So the number of problems that could have been prevented with proper documentation and a good condition report before, during and after the transport is staggering. Here are the 10 ways a good inspection report could have saved the customer thousands of dollars.

  1. Number one, if the first trucking company had simply completed a condition report before pickup and after they unloaded when their truck broke down, and if the two reports matched, then they could have shown David they had nothing to do with the damage to either of his vehicles.
  2. If the first transporter had simply taken photos before loading in New York and after unloading at the rest stop where they broke down, they could have proven to him and all parties that they were not the cause of the damage.
  3. Even if that first carrier had created illegible yet identical inspection reports without taking photos, but had obtained signatures from the second company at the rest stop location before the vehicles were loaded the second time, then they could at least argue the second carrier was at fault. A simple signature could have been enough to shift the blame!

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  4. Since the first transporter didn’t have the condition reports, surely the second transporter would have completed a condition report before loading two damaged vehicles at a highway rest stop. After they were delivered in Florida, simply ensure the two reports were identical, thereby removing any consideration that they had played a part of any mishandling during transport.
  5. If the second carrier had simply taken pictures of the damaged vehicles before loading and shown them to the customer at delivery, then they could have easily proved they had nothing to do with the damage.
  6. Even if the second transporter had no pictures and very minimal information recorded on their condition report, but had obtained a signature from the first carrier, then clearly they would have sufficient documentation to reject a claim against them. Unfortunately, they stated they were unable to get that signature.
  7. If the contract between the customer and the broker removed all liability from the broker or its contracted carriers, then the customer should not have accepted the damaged vehicles when they were delivered. Instead, the customer should have immediately begun taking pictures and obtaining statements from everyone involved, just as somebody would after a car accident. Calling the police and filing an accident report might have also been helpful.

    Altima Damage Condition Report Fail

    (Photo: Special to The News-Press)      What If This Happened To Your Car?

  8. It is difficult to believe that an auto broker is entirely free from all liability even in the absence of two contracted carriers and no proper documentation. Auto brokers have a surety bond and this issue should have been pursued further to prove liability.
  9. The first carrier said they were willing to reimburse the customer for half of the full amount to repair the damages. But if they had simply done a proper condition report, they would either be off the hook, or 100% liable. This would be an open-and-shut case.
  10. The second carrier states the vehicles were damaged when they picked them up and that they could not obtain a signature from the first carrier. That actually does happen all too often in auto transport, which is why all drivers should always take pictures and communicate with the broker anytime there is damage prior to loading. Had the second transporter taken those proper steps, they could have been free from any claim of liability.


Yes, that’s a lot of jargon and a lot to consider! But when something becomes a legal matter with monetary damages at stake, there are many fine points to separate, examine and argue as a complainant, or in one’s defense. If you have an opinion, suggestion, or otherwise, please feel free to comment below. And if you need more information about how to generate perfect condition reports, please click below. Thanks, and keep on trucking.

– Super Jay

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