Tracking expenses and calculating operating costs when starting in car hauling

New owner operators may feel overwhelmed with the task of running their business and this can lead to making mistakes when managing finances. To many, it can feel like a rite of passage to have more month left at the end of the money, wondering where it all went. That is because one of the […]

Central Dispatch Pros Wants and Cons comparison chart versus free load boards

The Good and the Bad About Paid and Free Load Boards

According to Owner Operators – how load boards make our lives easier and harder This is the first part in a series about how the paid and free load board system affects carriers, brokers and dealers. Load boards are what make the world go round for most owner operator car haulers, especially new ones. As […]

Cary, a fleet driver at Car Transport, poses for a photo at Manheim Kansas City on Feburary 08, 2019

Manheim Mondays – Fleet Driver Cary at Car Transport

Car Transport as a Fleet Driver This week at Manheim Kansas City, we talked to Cary at Car Transport. He has been a driver for years, and enjoys being a company driver that gets home every night, without a lot extra to worry about. Are you based out of Texas? No, here in Kansas City. […]

Super Dispatch TMS and eBOL app ELD for car haulers

Super Dispatch releases an ELD for Car Haulers

Two weeks ago, Super Dispatch announced the release of our ELD. For more information, see our press release:   Super Dispatch Launches ELD Made For Car Haulers KANSAS CITY, MO. January 22, 2019 – Super Dispatch, the end-to-end vehicle shipping platform for the car hauling industry, has announced the public launch of its Super ELD– […]

How to Handle a Carrier – Broker Relationship in Car Transport

Tom Stec of Fury Transport is a Super Dispatch customer and occasional blog contributor. When I started my career as a car hauler I learned a valuable lesson about how to handle damage claims. After delivering a vehicle, the dealer found damage to the undercarriage. The broker notified me about the damages and my initial […]

photographer: Joe Superme Court Case Oliveira vs. New Prime

Does New Prime vs. Oliveira mean anything for car hauling?

(header image by Joe Ravi, license CC-BY-SA 3.0) Last week, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of owner operator contract truckers in the case New Prime vs. Oliveira. Though it was a company that hauled generalized freight, this could have ramifications in car hauling. This matter is nuanced, so bear with me on the details […]