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What kind of trailer should a beginning car hauler get?

Deciding your truck and trailer combination can be tough for beginning car haulers. Should you choose a tractor and double decker trailer? Do you get a Ford F450 and a wedge? These questions require a lot of thought. For a first time hauler, it is hard to make a decision. At Super Dispatch, we think […]

A Guide to Shipping a Vehicle: a shipper’s perspective.

Not so long ago, I was reading car hauling-related blogs on Medium, and came across “A Guide to Shipping a Vehicle” by Brenden Mulligan. He described his first experience ever shipping a vehicle across the country. And it was not great. He starts: “I recently shipped a car across the country for the first time. […]

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Do Car Haulers Need a CDL?

Do I need a CDL with just a truck and flatbed trailer? What are the CDL weight requirements for a car hauler? Do I have to have CDL to haul 3 cars? What is the maximum weight I can haul with a topkick and 40ft trailer? I’m new to car hauling where do I start? […]

Understanding the car hauling industry

So you want to be a car hauler. You have looked at different parts of the trucking industry, you might even have your CDL. But you have settled on hauling cars: maybe because it’s profitable or because car hauling has the least red tape. It is a hard niche to get established in. But it […]

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Industry Concentration: the forgotten car carrier problem

A lot of power in the hands of a few Between 17,000 franchised American car dealerships, around 35,000 car carriers and an endless supply of brokers, the auto hauling industry is robust and fragmented. Though industry fragmentation is a commonly cited problem, industry concentration is just as pervasive. In fact, a lot of the industry […]

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Buying an ELD? Here are the Top 5 Questions You Should Ask

We know electronic logging devices are complicated and with over 200 options on the market, deciding what to purchase can be daunting. As part of our ELD deep-dive series, we’re covering the most important questions to ask before making your ELD purchase. We also put together a handy guide of additional questions to consider before […]