5 Ways Shank Bros. Loves Super Dispatch

Shank Bros. Auto Transport Runs On Super Dispatch: 5 Key Takeaways

Shank Bros Auto Transport Loves Super DispatchShank Bros. Auto Transport LLC is a car hauling business based in Vestal, New York, and their entire dispatch operation is managed using Super Dispatch auto hauling software. John and Tom Shank are “the brothers” and together they currently own and operate 11 trucks – consisting of seven 10-car haulers and four 3-car wedges. They stay very busy with a client-driven, weekly route that sends the 3-car wedges in separate directions, with each traveling a regular distance of 50-100 miles. The Shank Bros.’ territory spans from the Canadian border of New York, as far West as Pittsburgh, and out East into Massachusetts; with the local drivers constantly traveling back and forth from the terminal yard in Vestal. The ten-car over-the-road haulers load up and deliver as far south as Nashville and all the way into the upper North East. With profitability on the line and fleet management in the balance, the only auto hauler software they would ever rely on is Super Dispatch. Here are the “5 Reasons Why Shank Bros. Auto Transport Loves Super Dispatch.”

“The Super Dispatch designer actually worked in the car hauling business and that makes a huge difference.” – John Shank

Super Dispatch: Born Out Of Car Hauling Experience

Super Dispatch LogoShank Bros. trusts Super Dispatch vehicle management software because it was made for car haulers – by car haulers. Hard workers understand that it takes boots on the ground and real industry know-how to create a tool that truly gets the job done. Unfortunately, there will always be other technologies available to the market that simply aren’t designed properly. John Shank knows, “the Super Dispatch designer actually worked in the car hauling business and that makes a huge difference” – because it’s clearly better than any other software he’s tried before – and he makes no bones about it.

The VIN Scanner Tool Saves Time While Reducing Error

Truck drivers don’t have time to spare, and sometimes a client doesn’t have all of the information available to give to the dispatcher. So when the transporter only has limited info at the pickup location, that’s the perfect time to put the VIN scanner tool into action. “It saves a lot of time and reduces errors,” says John Shank. Being able to automatically process dozens of cars a week really adds up in time saved – all the while avoiding the inaccuracies that arise from rushed manual entry.

Super Dispatch saves time, providing peace of mind, and helps protect against false damage claims; thereby improving profitability and promoting business growth.

Drivers And Dispatchers Know “The App Is Intuitive”

Super Dispatch Mobile App with eBOLJohn is always eager to share with others how the Super Dispatch app is “very intuitive, simple enough to learn, and drivers actually like using it.” Since Shank Bros. is a full-service transport company and occasionally brokers out their own loads, they want other car hauling businesses to adopt the Super Dispatch auto transport mobile app because it reinforces the higher standard of professional consistency their customers expect and deserve.

“All The Information You Need Is Right There In The BOL”

Shank Bros. knows that “the photos and damage markings cover the carrier,” so if a delivery customer ever raises a concern, it’s all right there on the BOL. Plus, since the Super Dispatch Mobile App is connected to the Dispatch Dashboard, every BOL of every driver on the fleet can be accessed, shared and emailed directly from dispatch operations. This saves time, providing peace of mind, and helps protect against false damage claims; thereby improving profitability and promoting business growth.

Shank Bros. trusts Super Dispatch vehicle management software because it was made for car haulers – by car haulers.

Super Dispatch Brings Car Hauling Business To The Next Level

Shank Bros Super Dispatch Fleet ManagementShank Bros. began using Super Dispatch in December 2015 and John isn’t shy about saying, “Super Dispatch has helped move us to the next level.” Since the company was already actively marketing its line of services and expertise through their website (, Super Dispatch helped them follow through with their track record and the promise of ongoing excellent service. Through the seamless integration of order management and organization, the drivers of every trailer can easily exchange loads – which keeps the majority of their focus on the logistics of the road.

Talking with our customers is always rewarding, and I really appreciate the time and feedback from Shank Bros. Having dispatched for a lot of carriers, I truly appreciate the level of care and knowledge that Tom and John put into their work. If you have any questions for them, or if you’re up in New York and you need a hand, you’re always welcome to call Tom Shank at 607-747-7746 and tell him we said, “Hi.” Thanks for your time, and keep on trucking.

— Super Jay

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