Alpha Elite grows with Super Dispatch in car hauling

Charles Jones has lived all over the United States – from Atlanta to Los Angeles – and has started five businesses in the course of his life. Creating jobs for great workers is a part of his life philosophy.

“I believe in creating a system for more people to thrive and succeed in…if I can’t figure out how to instill success in other people, then I’m looking for another opportunity to do something.”

Right now, he has found satisfaction in instilling success in the truck drivers of his new car hauling transport company, Alpha Elite Transport.

Charles Jones runs his three-person car hauling company out of a small office park 20 minutes south of Kansas City, Mo. He works with his brother and business partner Alfonso Gill. Jones also runs one of his other businesses, a credit repair company, out of the same building.

Getting into trucking

Though he has had family in trucking for years, Jones only just started dispatching a year ago. He was tipped off on the idea from his accountant who suggested he get into brokering as secondary source of income.

“She was telling me what the breakdown [of the money] was. And I’m like, okay the only way this is going to work, is if there’s a problem. And if there is a problem, and we can provide a solution, then I’m with it,” he recounted telling her. “But if it’s just for the sake of making money…I can make money doing anything.”

“If there is a problem, and we can provide a solution, then I’m with it….But if it’s just for the sake of making money…I can make money doing anything.”

Jones’ accountant told him that most truckers don’t trust brokers, because it’s common for brokers to scrape large fees off of a load price, which leaves truckers with very little income. His accountant informed him that certain brokers would even hide the original price of the load from haulers in addition to taking the large percentage off the top. After thinking about her idea for a few days, Jones agreed that he should get into brokering. But he proposed to take a smaller fee off a load and show them the original load offer, instead of skimming more off of the top.

Alpha Elite Transport, Super Dispatch, successful Car Hauler

Jones dispatches at his computer in his small office in Grandview, Mo. on March 28, 2018. Jones works with a dispatching partner at Alpha Elite and runs a credit repair business through this office.

He began building relationships to become a broker, but in 2016 a doctor diagnosed Jones’ wife with COPD and and gave her only a month to continue her job as a hairstylist in Lee’s Summit. Jones had to rush to find another source of money to cover the loss of income. But he was confident the trucking industry could provide a stability for his household.

“I told her, ‘Give me a month, I’ll figure something out,’” he said.

Starting out as a dispatcher

With only a month to start, Jones instead fell into the dispatching side of the industry through the encouragement of Alfonso. After purchasing a truck outright, he joined Alfonso dispatching drivers to haul cars from Adesa and Manheim auto auctions across the United States. Though he had background knowledge of the industry and an experienced partner, Jones’ first year in the trucking industry wasn’t an easy road. 2017 was full of drivers leaving abruptly, trucks breaking down, mechanics overcharging and brokers filing false damage claims.dispatch BOL Super Dispatch car hauler

Jones was able to circumvent a lot of these setbacks due to his proactive business nature. Jones attributes a lot of the success he has had in the past year to his business background. He thinks he works smarter, not harder. For instance, within a few months of dispatching with paper to keep track of loads, payments and taxes, Jones turned to technology to simplify his business.

Using the right tools

Through googling “dispatching software,” Jones found Super Dispatch to manage every aspect of his business. After nearly a year using the service, Jones doesn’t use anything but Super Dispatch to dispatch orders, create BOLs, send invoices and calculate his driver’s paychecks.

“I don’t have to use anything else [to manage my business,]” he said. “Just Super Dispatch, my bank account and my accountant for taxes at the end of the year.”

Super Dispatch isn’t the only thing that he uses to efficiently run his car hauling business. He has created a business rhythm. In the last year, he found committed drivers, predicted maintenance costs and created lasting relationships with brokerages. He sat down in an interview to talk a bit about how Super Dispatch and his business background has allowed him to run his business more efficiently:

After this first year, Jones is already interviewing for his fourth driver position, and is only looking to grow Alpha Elite more. In even better news, his wife’s first COPD diagnosis was a false positive.

How did you get into trucking? Share your story in the comments!


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Owner Operator Car Hauler – American Dream

Dailey Transport – Classic Owner Operator Car Hauler

When Dennis and Selena first met in California they were both working as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Working as a team, they learned they shared the same “American Dream” – to start and own their own owner operator car hauler business. At first, they considered driving a “big rig”, but with a need to stay local and close to family, they chose to get into auto transport instead.

Today, Dennis is the driver and handles field operations while Selena manages the billing and administrative side of the business (in addition to helping with loading and unloading). As a couple working together, they represent the classic American model of a single-truck owner operator car hauler business.

Finding New Work Is All About Great Customer Service

After only being in business for one year, co-owners Dennis and Selena having already made a strong foothold in their weekly Socal-Norcal route. They drive a lifted 2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty hauling a 2015 Texas Pride35′ flatbed gooseneck trailer with a dovetail. Even though they’re regularly hauling only two cars, they make up for it by offering off-road recovery service for hard to reach and inoperable vehicles – using a tow strap method in combination with the strength and power of their Ford truck. Once they are able to pull a vehicle to the back edge of the trailer, they use a trusty 10,000-pound winch that can do the work of eight men to finish the difficult job of loading.Owner Operator car hauler

Whether it’s brand new cars, dealer trades, auction to an auto body shop or residential deliveries – this owner operator car hauler team does it all. Selena believes the real secret of their success has been getting creative with alternative ways of finding loads and new clients. She found that creating a business profile on Yelp actually helped improve business! Plus, she makes herself available by text nearly twenty-four hours a day. Great customer service and never saying ‘no’ have been instrumental to their accelerated growth – because no one can predict which new random business contact might become the key to weeks of steady work in the future.

Looking for loads? Checkout the best Auto Transport Load Board List for Car Haulers.

Free Advice For A New Owner Operator Car Hauler

Owner operator car haulerSince completing their first year as an owner operator car hauler, Selena and Dennis are willing to share some solid advice and hard facts. First, Selena says, “finding a highly-rated insurance company willing to underwrite for a DOT number less than a year old is very challenging.” Then, finding and financing the right truck and trailer usually requires good credit and a significant deposit. Setting up a DBA, getting all the state and federal certifications and DMV licensing will require “great patience” and focused “due diligence”. And finally, growing the business and establishing a reputation requires a lot of energy and stamina to stay positive while watching every profit get reinvested back into the business.

Above all else, Selena recommends, “find a great mentor.” Talk to a transport veteran, fleet owner, broker, auction manager, insurance agent or compliance officer that can point you in the right direction before you have to find out you’re doing it all wrong – the hard way.

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Car Carrier Technology And Tools Of The Trade

Without blinking, Selena further recommends, “Don’t bother doing this job without using an online load board.” She also relies heavily on Google maps, using Adobe technologies to digitize their paperwork and managing all of their taxes with QuickBooks.

Their traveling office runs on unlimited internet for their tablet and cell phones and they have DIRECTV for entertainment while off-duty. In fact, Dennis is researching a backward facing webcam service for late night trailer surveillance.Owner operator car hauler

Super Dispatch Car Hauling Software – “The Obvious Choice”

Use Super Dispatch Car Hauler App To Mark Damages During Vehicle Inspection

Click the photo to download

To be sure, Selena tells me that the core center of their entire vehicle transport operation is Super Dispatch – giving them total management of all of their load information, bills of lading, inspections and invoices. Selena says “Super Dispatch allows the driver to take pictures, get signatures, access maps, all on the tablet” – and that let’s her “do everything else by email.”

Referring to the reporting function of the dispatch dashboard, she adds, “I had prepared myself mentally to do all of this work manually, but by using Super Dispatch, I’m able to get so much done so much faster than I ever would have dreamed!” She said (excitedly), “I absolutely love ‘internal notes’! When I talk to the broker after delivery, I have every word they said to me about when I can expect to get paid. It’s all right there in case I have to follow up later.” She adds, “to succeed in auto transport, you’ll need the best tools on the market – especially if you’re a new transportation business.” 

“Everything we have and our work ethic comes from both of our fathers Dennis “bud” Dailey and Frank “Franco” Georgianna. Also Dennis’s uncle who recently passed, Felix “Phil” Boschetti, this company is dedicated in their honor, without these men we would be nothing.” – Selena Georgianna


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Instagram: @daileytransport

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Whether you’re an Owner-Operator, Driver, Broker, Fleet Manager, Dispatcher, Accountant, or Family Member – and you BOOK OR HAUL CARS – then you are a member of the CAR HAULING COMMUNITY. And you already know this is a TOUGH INDUSTRY full of questions, answers and passionate debate. Therefore, Super Dispatch invites YOU to please join Super Jay in the open forum.

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Use Super Dispatch Car Hauler App To Mark Damages During Vehicle Inspection

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The Perfect Car Hauler Inspection Report Has 5 Key Ingredients

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An Excellent Car Inspection Report Will Protect Your Business

No Inspection Report? Auto Transport Customer With Damage ClaimTo avoid damage claims, every car hauler should already know that before any vehicle is loaded for transport, it must be inspected for previous damage; and it is essential for all parties involved that the inspection report is prepared methodically and precise. The format of the recorded document is called the ‘condition report’ (also referred to as a ‘bill of lading’ or ‘BOL.’) Car shipping inspection report documentation historically has been paper-based, but with recent changes in digital technology, smartphones and handheld devices with touch screens are now being used to complete a digital car hauler BOL. (As you continue to read this, it is very important to keep in mind that in nearly every case where a truck driver arrives to load a car, the pickup contact at that location has never met that driver before, and therefore, that person has no way of knowing if he or she will do a quality job of protecting the vehicle from damage during transport. This is exactly why if anything is damaged between pick up and delivery, blaming the driver is nearly always the first reaction.)

…if anything is damaged between pick up and delivery, blaming the driver is nearly always the first reaction.

Regardless of the circumstance, if the owner of the company cannot prove the driver did not cause the damage, official incident reports will be generated and delivered to the owner and insurance company, who in turn will be legally required to pay for the vehicle to be repaired. Consequently, the transporter’s insurance premium will increase, and a growing history of causing vehicle damage during transport will have a severely negative impact on their ability to find business moving forward. This chain reaction is exactly why every transporter must do everything possible to avoid auto transport damage claims from the very beginning. Here are the five best ways to complete the perfect car hauler inspection report.

Car Hauler app digital signature

1) Get Signatures

Obtaining a signature from somebody (sometimes anybody!) at every pickup and delivery location that can compare the vehicle with the inspection report and verify the two identically match and will sign to that effect can make a world of difference. Ideally, the driver can also verify this person has the legal authority to enter into this part of the contract, and speak on behalf of the transport customer. Oftentimes, the driver cannot obtain any signature, such as at auctions, dealerships, terminals, or when it’s outside normal business hours. But the effort to attempt to get a signature as often as possible should always be present, especially with residential customers. No matter where you are, that signature is gold if anyone raises a question after the fact, so you must try, try, try to get a signature every time!

…but the driver knows if they have pictures of the damage before they ever touched the car, there is little other proof they will need…

2) Take Pictures

Everybody knows the saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Taking photos takes extra time, but the driver knows if they have pictures of the damage before they ever touched the car, then there is little other proof they will need on their inspection report to argue they didn’t cause it in the first place. Getting clear photos of vehicles can be harder than it looks, because of a car’s naturally reflective surface, the brightness of the daytime sun, and shadows that can interfere with clarity. That’s why it’s best to take a lot of pictures, including close-ups, all sections, and panels, from top to bottom, and for parts with obvious damage, to take many different angles for complete coverage. If you have the photos, you have supporting evidence and total peace of mind. In addition, transport companies using special BOL apps using third-party time stamping and geo-tagged features will have that extra layer of protection that most insurance companies will request should a fierce dispute arise in the future.

“…our drivers always take inspection photos with ‘Superman,’ we sent him the pictures clearly showing that same dent was there before we ever picked it up. That claim immediately went away, and we never heard about it again!” – Miguel from 2740 Trucking

Timestamped BOL App

3) Mark All Damages

It’s very important for an insurance claims adjuster that all pre-existing damages are marked accurately. If it’s ‘dented,’ do not indicate ‘scratched.’ If it’s ‘cracked,’ then don’t put ‘chipped.’ To drivers, these may seem like semantics, but just because a damage spot has been identified doesn’t mean that’s enough to fight a claim. When a vehicle has been damaged, nobody wants to take the blame, and everyone is ready to point the finger at the trucker. New cars require an extra level of care because of their high value. If the driver is picking up at a rail yard and the broker has provided a list of Universal Damage Codes, the driver is expected to use them. Transporters must also follow any broker notes regarding notating damage if they expect to get paid in a timely fashion, so drivers really need to read the dispatch sheets so they know exactly what is expected. There are also times when the tow yard or terminal accidentally causes minor damage to the vehicle, and those employees might be hoping the driver doesn’t notice before loading. If the driver does load without taking proper steps, they deliver and the customer notices, that driver will take all of the blame and have to pay for repairs – and this scenario happens all the time! And that goes double for marking all damages on the gate pass! Here’s a good tip: many experienced drivers use the most comprehensive and thorough approach by also taking photos of additional documentation and attaching those files to the digital BOL app they are using.

Time Stamped Damages Marked On Gate Pass As Condition Report

Damages Marked On A Manheim Gate Pass And Retained At Security Gate

4) Complete Additionally Required Documents

Even if the transporter has just completed an excellent inspection report, they can also be required (based on the type of pickup location) to mark any and all damages on additional forms of documentation, such as auto auction gate passes and manufacturing plant gate copies. A digital BOL can be very helpful in this regard whether to print or email an exact duplicate copy to the security guard to include with the gate copy. Additionally, terminals and tow yards can have their own variations of this rule, and the brokers that use them frequently oftentimes have their own in-house BOL or condition report (with other additionally needed details) that they require be completed and signed for before a transport meets their own standards of completion. While it may be a real hassle for the driver to follow through with all of this documentation duplication, not doing so can create exponentially more problems and lost wages in the future.

Call the dispatcher, call the owner of the company, but be sure to call somebody!

Click the photo to download

5) Communication Is The Key

Finally, if a driver notices something that doesn’t seem quite right, identifying and communicating with the auto broker can stop a problem from snowballing. If a floor mat is obviously missing, if there’s a strange smell, if a fluid is leaking from underneath – anything out of the ordinary – the driver is responsible for letting somebody know right away. If it’s not on the dispatch sheet, there could be something wrong that nobody else even knows about. When a broker indicates on the dispatch sheet to call them 24/7 with any questions or concerns, heed their warning and call them. Call the dispatcher, call the owner of the company, but be sure to call somebody! Then take photos and email them, and do not load the car. Good communication prior to loading can be indispensable to avoiding a major damage claim in the future.

Having been an auto transport dispatcher for many years, I’ve seen every single one of these key elements for the perfect car hauler inspection report followed – and ignored. Having worked with dozens of drivers and hundreds of auto brokers, I think I know what it takes to avoid the filing of an insurance claim. Therefore, I hope my review and advice is helpful to you – as well as thorough, practical and realistic. And may you never have another unfounded damage claim for the rest of your travels. Please share your thoughts, comments and advice. Thanks, and keep on trucking.

– Super Jay

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5 Things 2740 Trucking Says About Using The Super Dispatch Car Hauler BOL

2740 Trucking Has 5 Things To Tell You About Using Super Dispatch

2740 Trucking LLC (DBA “Acar Transport”) is a car shipping company based in Brooklyn, New York. Their lead office dispatcher is named Miguel and he is responsible for dispatching cars for their twenty-one auto transporters. Keeping them loaded and running on time is a full-time job which is why he gives five reasons why 2740 Trucking LLC relies on the Super Dispatch car transport dashboard tool to keep their business running smooth and efficient every day.

2740 Trucking LLC

Frank is the Manager at 2740 Trucking

2740 Trucking calls the Super Dispatch car hauler platform “Superman” because it fixed all those old problems.

1) “We Call It Superman”

Today, the dispatch information for their transport load workflow travels back and forth from laptops and desktops to handheld devices; from sales reps and dispatchers to drivers and dealers and accountants. A year ago, when it was all paper-based, there were simply too many people in too many places to keep the paperwork neat, organized, legible and 100% accurate. It was the biggest reason the company was losing time and money while trying to grow the business.

2740 Trucking calls the Super Dispatch car hauler platform “Superman” because it fixed all those old problems. For example, Miguel only needs to generate a Load ID in the Super Dispatch dashboard with pickup and delivery locations and with the click of the mouse he can assign it to the driver’s handheld device. That trucker can then immediately see that order and be ready to roll. The rest of the order information can easily be updated while the trucks are already moving, whereas before, Miguel and his team had to individually create and hand deliver the printed load assignment sheets to each driver before they could start driving.

…the driver simply aims the camera into the door jam and when the VIN is recognized by the software, suddenly all of the year, make, model, color, and VIN information automatically populates..

VIN barcode2) “The VIN Scanner Is Phenomenal!”

While the transporter is en route, the dispatch team updates the driver’s device with either the year, make, model, color or VIN – whatever they have been given for physically identifying the car. But when the driver arrives at the location, he or she uses that minimal information to find the vehicle, and that’s when the VIN scanner comes into action. Using the same handheld device (iPad or smartphone), the driver simply aims the camera into the door jam and when the VIN is recognized by the software, suddenly all of the year, make, model, color, and VIN information automatically populates into their electronic car hauler BOL. As Miguel likes to say, “It works like magic!”

3) “This Definitely Saves Us From Damage Claims”

When it comes to refuting damage claims, Miguel has a favorite story to tell. “Not long ago, a good customer of ours found a dent on the rear panel and told us it wasn’t like that when he bought the car at the auction. But since our drivers always take inspection photos with ‘Superman,’ we sent him the pictures clearly showing that same dent was there before we ever picked it up. That claim immediately went away, and we never heard about it again!” The time and money saved with this simple solution are something the company is pleased not to have to think about.

Timestamped BOL App4) “Emailing Is So Much Better Than Faxing”

The accountant at 2740 Trucking is named Crystal and “she loves not being smothered with faxes.” In the past, her most time intensive jobs included printing, scanning, sending and receiving faxes and paper bills of lading. Back when everything was paper, it was incredibly time-consuming and oftentimes things (literally) fell through the cracks (which then cost her more time and effort…”and headaches.”) But now with Super Dispatch auto hauler software, she does everything on her computer and through email. Miguel says, “It’s faster, organized, legible, and accurate. There’s no more printing or scanning, then faxing, then calling. With an email, everything can be tracked, with date and time sent, and it’s easy to CC: other people so they also have a copy. Everything is archived into folders on the computer and there’s no more mess.”

2740 Trucking in Brooklyn, NY

5) “We Are Saving Tons Of Time!”

From the electronic input of data, the real-time order updating while trucks are already driving, the quick and easy VIN scanning and automatic data population, easily refuting damage claims, emailing instead of faxing, all the paper replaced by digital information, Miguel has no idea exactly how much time they are saving – but in his words, he knows 2740 Trucking is saving “tons of time!” It’s like measuring the difference between mailing a letter and sending an email. “We’re talking thousands of percent more efficient!”

“…our drivers always take inspection photos with ‘Superman,’ we sent him the pictures clearly showing that same dent was there before we ever picked it up. That claim immediately went away, and we never heard about it again!”

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2470 Trucking loves the switch from paper bills of lading to the Super Dispatch car transport dashboard tool. Miguel can’t imagine why everybody doesn’t do it. If you have any questions, you are welcome to give him a call at 347-554-6574 or leave a comment below.

Try It For Free. Download the App for Android HERE and for Apple HERE.

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This Is How We Help To Boost Your Auto Transport Business

Know Any Car Shippers That Need To Keep More Of Their Time, Money & Sanity?

How much more time and money are you going to waste making unanswered phone calls and sorting through incomplete pages of an illegible car shipping inspection report? If you don’t know the answer, then you are ready to try our auto transport bill of lading template FREE.

Use Super Dispatch eBOL To Eliminate Paperwork

Tell Them To Switch To Super Dispatch Car Hauler eBOL.

Super Dispatch car hauling software is the must have bill of lading and invoice dispatch tool for vehicle transport freight brokers and auto transport owner operators…period. For mobile-friendly load and trip management, and a best-in-class auto transport software platform, we highly recommend that you go online right now to download the Super Dispatch BOL App for car haulers (ePOD). Quickly install the Super Dispatch car hauler bill of lading template and take advantage of our free trial right now. What? You mean you’re still not sure?

Maybe you’re thinking, “So, does this car hauler app actually work?!” Maybe you’ve tried other clunky car hauling apps before because some other company forced you to, and that’s when you found that technology to be awful, cumbersome, frustrating, or just plain useless! Right? But that’s not going to happen with our Super Dispatch eBOL, because this really is the web-based auto transport software suite that will finally solve your technological, logistical and billing problems.

Use Super Dispatch Car Hauler App To Mark Damages During Vehicle Inspection

Click the photo to download

Vehicle Transport Drivers: Wouldn’t it be great if there was an auto carrier software that could automate car delivery billing and make it easy to do so? Wouldn’t you like a free trial of a car hauling software that will absolutely confirm receipt of your invoice and bill of lading the moment you send it off to the auto broker? Why ship a car if you’re not going to get paid for several weeks, or even a month? You’re not doing a vehicle inspection and transporting a car for free, are you?

The mobile digital future has no need for paper bills of lading, and neither should you. Super Dispatch’s car hauler online invoice tool lets you turn your smartphone into a total workstation, containing all of your past, present and future auto transport orders – all accessible at the touch of the screen. Once you have your Super Dispatch login, your company dispatcher inputs your transportation loads into the Super Dispatch dashboard from their phone, computer, or workstation, and you can instantly access all of your auto transport loads right from your handheld device. You can do your bill of lading and invoice right there from the parking lot!  Super Dispatch car hauling software works seamlessly, instantly, and reliably, because the Super Dispatch car hauler platform was built for car hauler and broker companies just like yours.

Freight Brokers: We know that you need a secure contract with drivers that will do a good inspection and mark all damages accurately and completely on their inspection report before they pick up a vehicle and after unloading at the pickup and delivery locations, and you need a customer’s signature every time. We also know how vital it is to your auto transport business that every car hauler BOL be properly and completely filled out; in many cases it is this document that will serve as the only agreement to transport items to and from your customers. Our auto transport software is best suited to meet the need for an efficient and expedited truck driver bill of lading that you and your customers expect and deserve. And let’s not forget the importance of insurance, coverage and security! Every transport transaction made through the Super Dispatch car hauler app is covered by $1 million cyber liability insurance with a timestamp that cannot be forged. Plus, you are notified by email with proof of delivery the moment a customer signs the BOL and the driver hits the ‘SEND’ button. We know there’s a lot of companies out there on CentralDispatch claiming to have the best answer for auto transport online billing solutions, and that’s why you should read enthusiastic Super Dispatch reviews. Find out what everyone is talking about and download the Super Dispatch BOL App for Car Haulers (ePOD) car transport dashboard tool and auto hauler software to streamline operations for your transportation management system. Have a great day.

Super Dispatch Bill Of Lading Vehicle Inspection Report

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