Paper vs. Paperless: How technology is improving car hauling

A few weeks ago I was on the ground at Manheim Kansas City, talking with some car haulers about the industry. It struck me when Dan of DHI said:

“I think we get away from talking to our customers, more now. They say “here you go, here’s the load – it’s all on your app.” And we don’t talk no more. We used to talk all the time. I mean this load here… I’ve had to work to get it loaded, and I don’t even know the customer.

Dan doesn’t use Super Dispatch, but this is a sentiment I have heard more than once. I have also heard the opposite expressed: our customers have said that people still run the computers, and nothing will take away from the relationships you have today.

These arguments are just an extension of the question: is technology any good for car hauling?

We think it is. And here’s why:

It helps you move fasterSuper Dispatch and other technology helps car hauling. Get the free app

Car haulers are constantly out of time – not enough time to load, to haul, to finish paperwork. A car hauler can only load or drive so fast, but shortening paperwork is possible.

Haulers save hours on paperwork after switching from paper to Super Dispatch. Sometimes they save time by simply not training their drivers to fill out endless paperwork.

“Just since I’ve taken on Super Dispatch I’ve been able to go from 1 truck to 3 trucks. Just based on eliminating paperwork,” Jamie Glass of Glass Hauling said. “If I had to train a guy on a 3 part carbon copy bill of lading, you’re talking at least 15 pieces of paper at least for 3 cars. Then double that coming home. That’s 30 pieces of paper to keep track of, for one driver.”

With Super Dispatch, car inspections can be done in minutes. These car inspections include time stamped photos, marked damages, completed BOLs, and customer signatures. Once finished, that completed inspection and invoice can be emailed to your dispatcher, broker or customer immediately. That means no end-of-day faxing, mailing or emailing. When the cars are unloaded – your paperwork is already done.

“Just since I’ve taken on Super Dispatch I’ve been able to go from 1 truck to 3 trucks. Just based on eliminating paperwork.”

It helps you stay organized

Auto transport requires finding loads, creating trips, dispatching loads, loading cars, inspecting cars, completing legal work, invoicing customers, paying taxes, and paying yourself or your employees. Actual driving might define the job of a car hauler, but it is the part of the job that requires the least energy and thought.

Technology like Super Dispatch allows Owner Operators and fleet managers alike to save time and energy by organizing their business for them.

Without all the paperwork, and the drivers trying to find a fax machine after a load, I save at least an hour a day not worrying about paperwork,” Tiko, owner of the fleet Cars Inc. said. He also estimates that Cars Inc. saves an hour per day per worker because of Super Dispatch’s streamlined electronic BOL and invoices.

“Without all the paperwork, and the drivers trying to find a fax machine after a load, I save at least an hour a day not worrying about paperwork.”

Also, all activity is logged in Super Dispatch. If your driver can’t remember sending the invoice, check the load activity log. If a dispatcher needs to change a pick-up or delivery location, all changes are immediate and notify your driver. This internal organization means that car haulers who use Super Dispatch appear more organized to their clients.

“I use Super Dispatch to process loads for small individual brokers… and they’re all thrilled every time I do that because they have the photographs with damages marked, the invoicing details and so forth,” Owner Operator Chris Routh, of Blue Moon Transit said.

It helps you understand your business

Super Dispatch has reporting features like Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Company Revenue, so you know exactly where your money is at all times. Fleet managers can calculate driver pay with Driver Pay Reports. Rather than hunting down invoices and BOLs, Super Dispatch keeps everything in one place, easily searchable.

“A lot of these guys are not computer savvy…they lose a lot of money because they lose track of who owes them and who doesn’t owe them.”

“A lot of these guys are not computer savvy…they lose a lot of money,” Reg Bravo, Owner Operator of X2 Transportation said. “I talk to these guys all the time. They lose a lot of money because they lose track of who owes them, who doesn’t owe them.”

A few years ago, technology put you ahead of the game in car hauling. But now, technology is the new normal. Without it, car haulers bleed money every day.

We often say here, that successful car haulers use Super Dispatch. Start a free trial on Super Dispatch’s website to see how much you can improve your business.

Why we built Super Dispatch for Car Haulers

What is Super Dispatch?

Super Dispatch is a comprehensive Transportation Management System. We designed our technology to help independent car haulers run their entire trucking businesses more efficiently. Super Dispatch allows truckers to import loads from load boards, dispatch loads to drivers, run financial reports and take the pressure off of the most confusing aspects of car hauling.

The history of Super Dispatch

Super Dispatch started as independent car haulers

Bek Abdullayev as a dispatcher in 2011.

Our product did not start out as the comprehensive Transportation Management System that it is today. Three years ago, Bek Adbullayev went from an independent dispatcher to creating Super Dispatch.

In 2015, he and a small development team released the first version of our product to a few curious carriers. That first version was a clunky application that only did Bills of Lading on mobile phones. But because of those first carriers brave enough to use a brand new technology, our system has grown into what it is today.

Where we are in 2018

Now our Transportation Management System has found its way into the hands of 6,000 amazing carriers. Our customers constantly help us change and improve our technology. We serve any company, from Owner Operators to fleets with hundreds of drivers. They haul anything from personal vehicles to RVs to exotic cars.

Every day we gain new customers and learn and change with the industry.

BOL Transportation Management SystemNow that we have established ourselves as a company, we want to share our thoughts on every aspect of the car hauling industry and it’s future. We plan to do that over a series of videos in the coming months.

But before we jump into the big topics like ELDs, broker apps and more, we wanted to create a video explaining the history behind Super Dispatch and how it became the Transportation Management System that it is today, so that you might understand our purpose and direction.

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